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New Customer Flow - WordPress

Welcome to iPage! Let’s bring your passion to life! We've outlined the steps to get your online presence started using WordPress. 

Choose WordPress

WordPress is a widely used open-source Content Management System (CMS) that is recommended for advanced users. It provides flexibility for maximum website design customization. 

If you are comfortable using WordPress, log in to your Domains Dashboard, click on WordPress in the left pane, then Get Started. 
click on the Try WordPress button to begin

Create a beautiful website, fast

Get your website published in three easy steps.
Step 1: Build your brand
Step 2: Adding Plugins
Step 3: Time to publish

Build your brand

Building a clear brand helps your website communicate, retain and gain more visitors. Check out a few designs and content tips by clicking on the "Get design tips" and "Get content tips" buttons. 
clicking on the Get design tips and Get content tips buttons

Adding Plugins

Plugins are these little digital tools that extend the functionality or add new features to your WordPress website. Check out our list of top plugin options to help you decide which plugins to choose. 

Click on the Top Plugins button.
Click on the Publish my site button to go live

Time to publish

You're now one step away from making an online presence! Click on the Publish my site button to go live! 
Click on the Publish my site button to go live

You can always make updates after the site is published.

Site UpKeep

Keep your visitors interested by adding something new to your site. It is also good to refresh your content every few months for SEO purposes. 

Here are a few ideas to keep your site fresh and welcoming:

Start a blog

Post helpful opinions and observations about your industry.

Add new photos

Photos add that personal touch that your customers like to see.

Tout a sale

Let the world know when you have something special going on.

View Analytics

Let your site's performance metrics guide your next steps. Click on the View Analytics button to check your reports.

Your site analytics can tell you:
  • How many people visit your site
  • The amount of time people spend on your site
  • Which pages are most popular
  • The number of clicks on your buttons and links
Click on the View Analytics button

Site Backup

With Website Backup & Restore, you can:
  • Make automatic copies of your site and database every night
  • Download backups as .zip files for up to 14 days
  • Restores websites and databases in one click

Get started with Website Backup & Restore by clicking on the Backup my site button.
click on the Backup my site button

WP Live

Have WordPress questions? Connect with a WordPress guru and get answers to all your inquiries fast. It's like having your very own WordPress tutor just a call or click away!

Our WordPress experts can help walk you through:
  • Website fixes
  • Security best practices
  • Site traffic insights
  • Online store creation
  • And more…
click on the Setup a call button
Get connected with an expert by clicking on the Setup a call button.