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WebsiteBuilder: Search Engine Optimization

Now that your site is published and ready for visitors, how do you insure that it will be found and listed with the search engines? This article provides some basic tips on what one can do to improve their search engine rankings and increase visitor traffic to their site through on-site optimization. Please call Netfirms if you are interested in our professional SEO services.

My site is not showing up on Google, why not?

Sites on the web today
As of October 2017, there are over 1 billion websites on the world wide web today!

With millions of website pages being created each week it should come as no surprise that your new website may not be showing up in a Google search. Here are some basic tips that can help you your site be found by prospective customers and visitors.

  1. Content is King: Insure that the content on your website is relevant to your product, service or topic. If you can create 300 - 500 words per page this will assist the search engines as they index your site. If you are a plumber, make sure your site contains detailed descriptions of your services as well as the area that you serve. Maps, addresses and contact phone numbers cannot be overlooked. Pictures of you or your dog are not important to your customers, stick to the relevant facts.
  2. Title Tag: The title tag describes the online content for your page. Typically this should be under 60 characters and the most important keyword should be at the start of your Title tag. Example: Plumber Dallas Texas | Drain Cleaning | The Speedy Plumber
  3. Meta Description: This should be under 160 characters and provide an accurate description of your product, services or topical content. Do not stuff your description with keywords only but well planned sentences or phrases that describe your site. Example: The Speedy Plumber provides the fastest, low cost plumbing services to the Dallas area. Our technicians are trained and certified. Drain cleaning and repairs.
WebsiteBuilder makes it easy to add the Title Tag and Meta Description.
  1. Click on Pages in the left sidebar.
  2. Next Click on Manage Pages.
    Click on Manage Pages
  3. Enter the values in the popup box and then click on Save.
Enter the values in the popup box

Adding Google Analytics code to your site.

Google Analytics will help you understand who your visitors are, where they come from, how long they stay on your site and many other valuable tips to make your site a success. Sign up for a free Google Analytics account to get started. Google will provide you with a line of code that you will need to add to your website. This code can be copy and pasted into the Stat's page under Marketing on your left side toolbar.
Google Analytics Tracking ID
There is a 24 to 48-hour delay between when you add the code to your site and when the stats will become available in Google Analytics.